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Baby photography – photoshoot with James and Holms family

What never fails to bring a smile on our face? Old photographs – snaps of us as children, clinging to our parents, or fighting with our siblings. These old and hazy photos still make us smile and feel happy. They are a precious link to our childhood, the one we have left behind but always treasure in our hearts.

The appeal of family photography 

Don't we all love to see old family photographs? Most families preserve old albums with so much care. That's why even in this digital age, you will find people going for family photography, and we get so many assignments daily. The parents visit our studio with their little ones to take photos that they want to keep as mementoes. They want to freeze the childhood of their kids which very soon will become a memory.

So, whenever any parent gives us a call for baby photography, we feel elated. We take this as an opportunity to know a family, make friends, and create albums that will be treated as an heirloom.

The same happened when we got a call from the Holms family. We discussed the family photography session and decided to take candid photos with a touch of drama. As scheduled, we met the Holms family in our studio for the photoshoot.

Baby photography of James 

With his blue eyes full of wonder and a cute smile, James 3M won our hearts effortlessly. He is a munchkin everyone would want to cuddle. To make him feel at ease, we took the first shot with his parents. He sat on his papa's lap, observing us keenly. We love these types of family photos – sentimental and straightforward with a timeless appeal. These photos are perfect for hanging on living room walls or framed and kept on bedside tables. Long after James grows up into a fine gentleman, his parents will remember his chubby cheeks and bright eyes from this snap.

Since we have made friends with James and he was comfortable in our studio, it was time to ramp up the photoshoot. We chose a small basket to hold James. He looked like an angel in his powder-blue cutesy dress. To make him feel cosy, we filled the basket with a fluffy white blanket that added a layer to the shot. With the cloudy white background, everything looked perfect. James gave one of his sweetest smiles and voila; the shot was complete. For added elegance, we kept a branch of flowers near the basket. We loved the composition. How do you like it?

James was on a roll. He giggled, smiled, and played with us. So, we took another shot of him seated on a brown blanket. This time, we chose a dark background that contrasted his outfit. The contemplative look on James's face made the photo very intriguing.

No one can ever have enough of papa and mummy's love. The Holms parents agreed to get mushy, and so we got this shot in which they are seen kissing and cuddling James. We are sure when James grows up, he will laugh at this photo.

We wanted a close shot of James's handsome face. He seemed to enjoy lying down on his stomach as that gave him a different view of his surroundings. The white fluffy blanket we chose for him was very cosy. He stared directly at our camera, which created this masterpiece. Look at those bright eyes and round mouth – he looks so adorable!

The photoshoot got over without any glitch. We were happy to have James in our studio. The Holms family was amiable and we hope they will love this family album.


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