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Birthday girls’ photoshoot – an enchanting experience with Evelyn and Alessia

Evelyn called us to know about kid photography. She wanted to preserve the precious moments of their togetherness, and we were excited to know that mom and daughter have their birthdays just around the corner. So, we planned a mother and daughter photoshoot in our Glasgow studio. We also want to share our experience working with such a darling duo. 

Alessia and her mother Evelyn

We planned an elaborate photo session with Evelyn and Alessia. We talked and brainstormed and finally decided on the setting and props. So, the first photo of the album has the mom and daughter together, twinning in the same type of dress to celebrate their birthday. We don't want to keep you in suspense.  

We chose a colourful setting for the first photo. A handcrafted rug, wooden planters with indoor plants, and cane decorative items gave the space a warm and cosy feeling. With the hundred-watt smile on Alessia's face, you don't want to pay attention to anything else in the frame. While Evelyn sat on a chair, Alessia stood beside her mother, decked up in a beautiful dress with hair accessories, socks, and shoes. Alessia's spontaneity and warm smile made this photo absolutely stunning. We took the shot when Evelyn was busy talking to Alessia. She held her gently and faced her. It was such a natural pose that we decided to make it the first photo of the album.

Photoshoot with Alessia

Let us present Alessia in a new avatar. We chose a shimmering dress for her for the next shot. What makes kids happiest? Birthday party. So, we celebrated her birthday in our Glasgow studio. We got a cake, decorated the set with balloons and toys, and dressed up Alessia in a pretty shimmering dress. She carried her attire very well. Her happiness brimmed over her eyes, and the shy little smile on her lips was our reward. It seemed she was satisfied with the arrangement. We hope whenever she looks at this photo, she will remember us.  

Alessia loved her dress and our studio too. She started playing with the balloons we had put up for decoration. The third photo from her album is one in which you can see her playing with a bright yellow balloon. We had created a night scene in our studio. The big stars against the dark blue sky looked unique. To give this set a party look, we have designed it with 'love' written with light. The brightest star of her mom's life, Alessia stole the show with her expression. Her innocent face lit up as we clicked her photo.  

The last snap is a casual shot. With all the dressing up and posing, Alessia felt tired. So, she changed into shorts and a tee. She matched her dress with big white shoes. Her hair was still tied with the ribbons and clips that made her look so cute.

However, her reaction made the photo stand out from the rest. She was casually sitting on a chair and talking to someone. As she broke into a peal of laughter, we clicked the snap. The photo looks simple but heart-touching against a simple white wooden background. The happiness on her face, her innocent smile and her natural pose made it look so bright and lively. 

The photoshoot ended nicely. We became friends, and Alessia promised to visit us. Maybe she will be grown up when we meet again, and we will bond over her childhood memories. We will love to have her in our studio. Until then, we wish her happiness, laughter, and sunshine.  


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