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Cake Smash Photography Glasgow – shooting the photo album of Colton

The birthdays of kids are unique for all parents. Most parents wait impatiently to celebrate birthdays with special parties and gifts. But if it is the first birthday? It calls for a special celebration as it is an important milestone for both the kids and parents. After all, a baby goes through so many changes in the first year and every moment spent with him is full of excitement and love for the new parents.  

First birthday photos of Colton

We love to shoot first birthday photos. We take pride in creating adorable albums for cake smash photography Glasgow. For us, the first birthday is another great opportunity to celebrate all the beautiful memories that the mamas and papas have created with their bundle of joy.

So, when Colton's parents approached us for his 1st birthday photoshoot, we were happy to make another young friend. His parents were very clear about what they expected from us. They wanted candid snaps of their baby, not much of props and drama. Above all, they wanted him to be comfortable and happy. We assured them that the comfort of the kid mattered the most to us. We always chose themes and used props that the babies love. We don't want them to feel anxious.

Cake Smash Photoshoot of Colton 

Just look at our handsome friend Colton. He surely knows how to look great in front of the camera!

We decided on a happy and sunshiny theme for the shoot. Colton wore a blue suspender set, and so we chose a blue background for his snaps. Did you notice how cute he looked in his bow tie and crown? A happy child, Colton cooperated with us so much that we didn't have any problem with capturing his cake smash photos.

He was initially surprised with all the props around him. He comfortably sat on the white furry blanket and explored the tent. Look at his expression! So adorable.

Colton smiled, played with the props, gave us ample expressions that we captured through our lenses.

Since we became good friends and Colton had started to communicate with us in his own way, we decided to make things a little funnier. Mickey Mouse look? Why not. He won our hearts with his Mickey look. Was he amused? Was he tired? His longing look sitting inside the basket with a big ball will always make us smile.

Maybe he thought we would not get him any cake? We hurried to get his cake and birthday gifts. The cake matched his outfit, and we added colours to the frame with the balloons and toys.

Colton was intrigued by the cake. The star got him interested, and so he tasted it. Later on, Colton smashed the cake, much to our delight. He loved the cake with its creamy layers.

We have compiled all his 1st birthday photos to create a lovely album. We also designed a collage to give everyone a glimpse of the photo session.

His parents were so happy with the album. They loved the ideas and congratulated us for being so friendly and accommodating.

When filming babies' photos, we take care of certain things like using a lot of light to make the images look bright. We focus more on their expressions and gestures. Tiny fists covered in cream or a mouth smeared with the cake make the most natural and lovable photos.

We wish Colton a smashing birthday party at home. We also hope the Smith family will have many more milestones to celebrate, and they will preserve these precious memories.


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