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Cake smash photoshoot of Johnson – a day of fun and excitement

Photographing kids is always exciting, and when it is a cake smash photoshoot, our excitement knows no bounds. I love the look on their face when they smash their tiny fists in the cake, taste the cream, and enjoy the sugary and creamy flavour. Yes, it's a challenge to capture the myriad emotions that show up on a baby's face, but once you get a kid comfortable in your studio, it's an absolute pleasure watching them play. The same happened with Johnson, who came for his first birthday shoot in our Glasgow photo studio.  

Welcoming little Johnson to our studio

It's wonderful to know Johnson. He is so sweet and cute, and his calming presence helped us to relax. Johnson loves to observe everything around him, and his big eyes perfectly reflect his thoughts. We had set up a colourful spot for his photoshoot. The set looked charming with balloons, a white bench, and a fluffy blanket. Johnson was happy to sit on the bench. We matched the backdrop with the powdery blue colour of his dress. He faced the camera with eyes full of wonder and a slight smile on his visage.  

First birthday photoshoot of Johnson 

Making one-year-old babies pose for the camera or sit still for even a few minutes is a huge task for us. As family photographers, we believe in making babies comfortable before the lens. Photoshoots become more relaxed and enjoyable when babies trust us. So, I always try to get friendly with my cutie pie clients. I share my toys, play with them, and take their photos only when they are ready.

Little Johnson was a darling, and we became friends quickly. He cooperated with us and changed into his birthday dress to shoot for the cake smash event. We created a cheerful first birthday set for the shoot, as discussed with his parents. Johnson looked like a munchkin with a princely hat, green suspenders, and a green bow tie. When we placed the cake before him, he was all smiling. Johnson was quite curious about it. Maybe he thought it was a toy! After tasting it, Johnson took a big spoon to explore the cake and flashed a sweet smile. That was the moment for us! How could we waste the triumphant expression on his face?

As a family photographer, we felt lucky to capture this one. Look at this photo. Perfect for a cake-smashing album. 

It's bath time, baby! 

Very soon, Johnson was done with the cake. He thrashed it, tasted spoonfuls, and gave us ample scope to laugh. Now it was time to clean up.

We had already planned a surprise treat for Johnson. We know how fussy babies are about bathing. So, he was placed in a white bathtub, complete with a tap and a bubbly background to suit his mood. Duckies are always a hit with babies, so here goes a ducky to give him company. Johnson was quite happy with the arrangement, at least that's what we thought when he smiled at us. As he played with the ducky in the tub, we took a few more shots. We loved the one with a surprised look on his face and chose that as the third shot of his first birthday photoshoot.

Filming Johnson was a satisfying experience for us. Everything went as planned; we became good friends with Johnson and enjoyed spending time with him.

Johnson returned home, cleaned and fed. As he waved us goodbye, we longed to see him again. We hope he enjoyed his cake smash photoshoot and will treasure the photos when he grows up. 


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