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Capturing the First Tender Moments with the Angelic Ijele: A Newborn Photoshoot

Pink or yellow swaddle? Green blanket or a blue one? For days, we discussed these matters amongst ourselves. We were very excited about the upcoming photoshoot with a newborn called Ijele. However, we couldn't arrive at any conclusion. We even called up her mom to learn her ideas. When she said she wanted a dreamy and magical photoshoot with a twist, we decided to meet her first and then decide on the props. Let us share her photos, and we will also tell you how the shoot went with her.

Ijele is such a sweet girl! When she arrived in our studio, she won over us with her big eyes and a cute smile. Before we met, her mom told her that Ijele was a curious girl who loved to meet people. She was wide awake during the shoot and made our task so easy! After meeting this cute bundle, we agreed to make her album outstanding by using soft and unusual colours. 

The Newborn Photoshoot begins!

We finalized a sage green coloured newborn photoshoot Glasgow wrap for Ijele. With lots of forethought and care, we chose the props to go with this swaddle. As you can see in the first photo, we stuck with the green colour palette by selecting green leaves, a green blanket and a green background. Ijele looked very cute in the lacy swaddle. To break the monotony of colours, we added a sprig of yellow flowers. Her eyes did the rest. Those big eyes, full of wonder and amusement, never for a moment shifted from us. When we took the shot, her lips were parted a bit, maybe to express her amazement. If you think this is the best baby photo you have seen, wait for the next one. 

We tried something new with Ijele – a floral setup with a flower headband and a soft white rug to make her comfy in a basket. She looked pretty with the big flowers circling her tiny head. The bright shades of the flowers enhanced her appeal. The way Ijele kept her tiny fists under her face made us all go "aww".  

Seeing how sportingly Ijele participated in the shoot, we went a notch higher and aimed for the moon. Yes, look at the third snap where you will find the munchkin riding on the crescent moon on a starry night. Ijele made things so easy for us! It took us only a few seconds to nail the perfect shot. 

My personal favourite from this newborn photo album is the last one. We chose a fuzzy knitted bodysuit for Ijele. We laid her on a wooden cot against a wooden floor. For a softer touch, we added some white flowers. With her beady eyes full of wonder, Ijele cocked her head to one side to make this photo look divine.

Ijele is a perfect angel, and shooting her was our delight. As a photographer, I immensely enjoyed the photoshoot. We hope she will like these photos when she grows up. We have enjoyed her company and look forward to meeting her again. 


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