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The Story of a Cute Fairy and a Powerful Wizard: Our Experience with Adam and Leah's Kids Fairy and Wizard Photosession

Dads and Moms go head over heels when their little bundles of joy look like fairies and wizards. Who wouldn't want their kid to be turned into a fairy princess or boy into a Harry Potter wizard for a day? Our kids' fairy and wizard photo sessions are massive hits for parents looking for some unique pictures of their kids for their nursery.

If you love the fantastic looks of fairies and wizards, then a photo session with us can be the perfect choice for you. Believe us, our kids' photography is magical. So, you are guaranteed to get some images that can give the WOW factor to your walls. Why not treat your child with a piece of art that's truly unique?

We offer complete fairy and wizard photography services in the industry. We have an eye for art and attention to detail, which allows us to create long-lasting memories for you. We develop kids portfolios in our advanced photo studio, and our experience and professionalism show in every picture we make. We give utmost importance to our clients, and we did the same with Adam and Leah. 

An Eye for Detail 

Their parents brought these cute kids to our studio for some unique kids photography. While Leah wished to be a fairy, Adam was more interested in becoming a wizard. So, we decided to do something special to satisfy their desires and fantasies.

First, we clicked a few photographs in their casuals. Adam arrived in a striped T-shirt and blue jeans. Leah was wearing a cute pink-coloured dungaree. The outfit was perfect. We touched their hair a little and clicked a few photographs. The one on a plush white fur carpet is my personal favourite. Both the kids sitting back to back looking right into the camera look gracious. Did you notice the level of confidence in the boy? For a classic photograph, we clicked another picture with the girl sitting on a couch and the boy standing beside her. The girl has a charming smile indeed. 

Then came the time to test our skills and deliver what they expected. The set we created was decorated with real branches, leaves, and flowers. We laid a couple of oversized flowers to give the scene an amazing and unique look. In the following photograph, we handed one of those flowers in the girl's hands. The flower was bigger than her and upper body, but the girl looked like a real fairy in that outfit and accessories.

For the boy, we created a Harry Potter-like setup, in which he fitted perfectly well. The crystal ball we handed him was as real as life. We were also amazed to see the way he handled it as if he is already a pro. His spectacles surprisingly completed the Harry Potter look.

What Makes Us Unique 

We have always found kids photography rewarding and joyful. We understand that the key to best wizard and fairy photography is to capture the kids in their natural expressions. We stay ready with our cameras and click impromptu. Another most important thing we give attention to is to have a rapport with the child. We engage with them, ask their ideas, and try to use them. Before we start the photoshoot, we make the kids comfortable. Only then they can give us the expressions we want. That's the reason why our images look more connected with the child rather than being posed photographs.

We enjoyed a lot clicking these fabulous fairy and wizard photographs of Adam and Leah. The kids and their families were equally glad about the shots we took. All the best to the kids for the rest of their lives, and let their cuteness stay forever!


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