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Family album exuding love and warmth – shooting family photographs of a loving family.

Why do we love kids? Because they are innocent. How do we know they are innocent? From their smile. Yes, a kid's smile is the ultimate goodness on earth. Doesn't your heart melt when you see the warm smile gracing a child's face? Don't you feel happy to see her eyes twinkle with joy? That's what happens when we shoot a family photography session with kids. We recently did one photoshoot that will remain close to our hearts.

Bonding over photos

We have filmed many families before, but never have we captured so much warmth and love through our lenses. Tapiwa contacted us for a photo shoot with her kids. She wanted candid photos but told us that her daughter Lilliane loves fairies, whereas her son Raphael is a great fan of Peter Pan.

We decided to do something different and combined all their ideas to create something unique. Look at their fairy photography and let us know whether we did a good job or not.

Raphael explored our studio and liked the fairy-themed setup we had created for the family photography shoot. He chose a Peter Pan outfit to match the set. He was so happy to find a smiling dinosaur in our studio. He posed for us sitting on that toy.His broad smile gave us immense satisfaction. These are the shots that keep on motivating us to try harder and take beautiful pictures.

Lilliane chose a fairy dress for this shoot. With different shades of blue, she looked like a fairy. Her hairband matched her dress well. She liked the set, much to our happiness, and started playing with the colourful leaves we had spread on the floor. We watched her through her lens, bright and happy, lost in her vibrant world. Our patience paid, and we got the perfect shot that captured her gorgeous smile and mood.

Later on, when we looked at this particular snap, our hearts filled with love and joy. The innocence of childhood touched us, and we felt grateful.

Capturing moments through lenses

We decided to introduce the siblings first. Lilliane and Raphael were in casuals. We matched the backdrop with their white-tee, and blue jeans look. With just an empty frame in their hands, the photo got a different dimension. They sat cross-legged on the floor and were so happy with the setup. We chatted with them to get friendly. We wanted the shot to look natural but never expected it to be so poignant and candid.

The first thing that you will notice is the grinning face of Lilliane. Raphael was a little apprehensive, but his innocent eyes looked so eager to absorb everything that was happening around him. Doesn't this photo touch your heart? Doesn't it make you smile? Surely, we are going to look at this image again and again to feel the warmth and pure joy.

It was time for a family photo, so Tapiwa joined her children. She wore a simple black dress. With her multiple-braided hair, she looked cool and stylish. Lilliane changed into a simple blue dress while Raphael rocked in a cute shirt. He felt comfortable in his mom's lap. Lilliane enjoyed the shoot and was all smiles. Her broad grin made our day!

Tapiwa is a friendly lady. When we expressed our desire to shoot a portrait photo of hers, she readily agreed. Here is the snap for you – confident, a friendly style diva, comfortable in her own.

We hope you liked these photos. We had great fun being with this loving family and capturing their bond in our camera. We wish them all the best and hope Lilliane and Raphael grow up to become good human beings.


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