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Family photography session – capturing the bond between the Quigley family

It was only yesterday that your kid took his first wobbly step and today she is riding a bicycle. Within years she will reach high school, and you will be left with innumerable memories. No matter how much we want to cling to those moments of childhood, they pass in the blink of the eye and leave us wanting more. The best way to treasure them is through photographs, and that's why most parents love to create family albums.  

Family photography session of the Quigley family 

We were happy to meet the Quigley family. The children, Alanna and Cole, were adorable, and we quickly became friends. They were eager for the family photoshoot and had lots of ideas. However, their parents didn't want any drama in the photos. They were clear that they wished to candid photos that will depict their relationship and work as timeless pieces. We agreed and proceeded with the shoot.

Let us introduce you to the Quigley family. Alanna is a sweet girl and elder of the two. She has a bright smile and a sunny personality. For the photo session, she wore a black top along with black leather pants. We had decided to choose black as the theme colour of this family album as the entire family loves black.

Cole also wore a pair of black trousers but matched it with a tee with stripes of black, white, and grey. We have used a family photo as the first picture of their album to introduce everyone to this lovely family.

The ladies wore minimum makeup and kept their hair loose. Relaxed and close, this snap tells a lot about the family and the strong bond they share. 

As we advanced through the shoot and chatted and cracked jokes, everybody relaxed and got into the groove. This is evident from the next shot in which you can see the mother sitting with the kids by her side and the father standing behind them. Everybody is smiling and looking so beautiful in this shot. We love such family photos which are heart-warming and straightforward. I am sure, long after Alanna and Cole grow up, their parents will look at this snap and feel happy remembering their childhood.

We love to play with colours, and black and white are our favourites as you can create strong impressions with them. So, we decided to make things more intimate and made the family sit on a white fluffy blanket. Cole seemed to be enjoying himself very much and was all grins in this shot.

Do you know what parents love the most? To look at their kids. Yes, I have always seen while shooting family albums that parents want to take more photos of their kids. Maybe, to capture their childhood which seems to end too soon.

Cole and Alanna lied down on the blanket facing the camera. The siblings looked very cute in this pose. 

A little bit of fun always makes shooting more enjoyable. Cole found one empty frame and we decided to use that in their album. The whole family got together with the siblings holding the frame. A simple prop has made this snap so cool!

The senior Quigleys wanted to take more photos of the kids, and hence, we asked them to sit with their backs to each other. After all, siblings always have each other's back! Both Cole and Alanna are very photogenic. Their innocence glows on their face, which renders the snaps bright and warm.

We enjoyed shooting the family album of the Quigley family. They are such simple yet sorted people. We hope they continue to make more memories as Cole and Alanna grow up into beautiful adults.re ...


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