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Family photography session with the Orji family

Little Lotachi is turning one! Can anything be more exciting than this? When his parents called us to book a family photography session, the excitement was palpable in their voices. The Orji family had many queries about the shoot, and we were happy to remove their doubts.

 Why shooting family photography sessions are fun?

We love to meet new people, and family photoshoots give us the scope to do the same. Kids are a pleasure to know, and we love to interact with tiny toddlers. Family photoshoots are challenging because they are mostly done indoors, and hence, need proper lighting.

The Orji's make a fabulous family. The young parents are warm and friendly, and connected to their roots. While discussing the shoot plan, they revealed that they wanted little Lotachi to know his tradition. So, they chose different traditional outfits for the session.

Meeting little Lotachi

On the day of the shoot, the Orji family reached our studio on time. Little Lotachi was a pleasure to meet. He studied everything around him with his innocent eyes. Shining like beads, his eyes were filled with wonder. We became friends quickly, and very soon, he started playing around with the props.

The photoshoot began

The first photo is a simple one with the Orji parents holding Lotachi in between. They chose ethnic outfits in lemon yellow and white combination. With self-coloured stripes and intricate handwork, the dresses looked perfect for the occasion. Lotachi's mom matched her outfit with traditional jewellery. The kiddo was still in awe with the camera and lights, and his eyes beautifully expressed his amazement.

Why do we love kids' photography?

Kids are a wonder of nature. These teeny-weeny bundles are a source of neverending happiness. Have you ever noticed how the atmosphere of a place changes with the presence of kids? They bring positive and happy vibes everywhere they go. We love to take kids' photos as we love the innocence in them. It is absolute bliss to work with children.

Lotachi and his amazement

The second shot we took for the Orji family photography is a gem. Firstly, the family looked fabulous in their black and gold attire. You don't need any props as the combination is enough to draw everybody's attention. However, the star of the photo is Lotachi. Look at his expression! He was bubbling with energy as his parents held him for the shoot. The tiny mouth, wide open with astonishment, matched the admiration that glowed in his beady eyes. Priceless! Shots like this make us do more family photography.

It was time to take solo photos of Lotachi. We created a set for him, with stuffed toys in the background and a cake to celebrate his birthday. You can see him holding a wooden number block and staring at the camera. He was happy to get all the attention.

The kids' photoshoot with Lotachi

We continued with our photo session of Lotachi. This time, we chose a colourful and happy backdrop with papercraft toys. The vibrant balls and ice cream cones made this shot lively. Of course, Lotachi was there with his crown and a blissful look.

The last one of this session is again a family photo taken against a dark background to contrast the white and black ensemble donned by the Orji family. The motifs on their dresses were quite attractive, while the orange neckpieces added more colours to the shot. Lotachi put the necklace in his mouth suddenly, and we have taken a candid snap of that moment.

We were so happy to get acquainted with Lotachi and his parents. We will remember this photoshoot for years and hope Lotachi would also love to look back at his childhood photos.


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