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Family photoshoot with Deys – celebrating the arrival of Amit

"Being a family means you are a part of something very wonderful. It means you will love and be loved for the rest of your life." – Lisa Weed  

Every time we shoot a family album, our conviction in the family gets reinforced. Such is the power of love and bonding. We have met so many happy families wherein the members dote on each other, yet we are not bored watching them. The same happened when we shot the family album of the Deys along with their newborn son Amit. They are one of the most loving families we have ever filmed. Come, we will introduce you to this lovely family who became our friends through their family photoshoot.

Amit is the second child of Shuvra Dev and Namdita Dey. They have a cute daughter called Adrija, who is only 6 years old but very mature. We really appreciated the way she was taking care of her little brother.

New life, new beginnings captured in Glasgow: Wrapped in a cozy blue swaddle, this little boy is surrounded by natural elements that add depth to the shot in this newborn photography session.

The newborn photoshoot of Amit

We will introduce Amit first since he is the family's youngest member. He is a munchkin who sleeps most of the time peacefully. He has a divine look on his face that we hoped to capture through our lenses. We chose a dark blue swaddle for him and some green leaves and ropes to add depth to the shot.

As we wrapped him, he opened his eyes and started following us. When we took the shot, he was wide awake and cooperated fully with us. I wonder what was going on in his head! Just look at him, so calm and composed, like a little Buddha. 

Siblings' Love in White and Blooms: In this heartfelt moment, little Amit peacefully slept in the warm embrace of his elder sister Adrija, surrounded by delicate white and colourful flowers. Capturing their special bond in this Glasgow sibling session was a joy.

We had a detailed discussion with Mr and Mrs Dey Sarker about the photo album. They wanted it to be emotional and a little bit dramatic. When the first shot went so smoothly, we became confident.

We dedicated the second photo to the siblings. As Adrija was wearing white, we chose a white-dominated set. However, the flowers had tinges of purple and green to break the monotony. Amit slept in his elder sister's lap, who tightly held on to him. They were engrossed in each other when we clicked the camera. The photo came perfectly as we wanted. 

Family Love in Silhouette: Capturing the beauty of family togetherness, we created a dramatic silhouette style shot of the parents holding Amit while big sister Adrija peeped in with a soft gaze. This Glasgow photography session was filled with love and warmth, and this image perfectly showcases their strong bond.

It was time for the entire family to come together. The parents held Amit in their arms while Adrija peeped in. Her big eyes cast a soft gaze, making this snap appear delicate and loving. We made this look dramatic in black and white.

For this family album, we didn't put any stress on dresses or props. It was pure emotion and feelings that the Deys felt for each other.

The fourth photo of the album is a time-and-tested one. We have shot such snaps before, but they never lose their appeal. With the teeny-weeny toes of Amit in the middle and the palms of his sister, mom, and papa guarding them, this shot epitomizes family. Taken in black and white, it is one of our favourite shots. 

Toes and Palms, a Family Affair: In this Glasgow photography session, we captured the essence of family with this black and white shot of little Amit's teeny-weeny toes in the center, surrounded by the protective palms of his sister, mom, and dad

The fifth one is a fun shot. Amit was in a playful mood, so we made his parents and sister hold him from three sides and took a simple photo. He was enjoying the attention, as evident from the faint smile on his lips.

It was time to put Amit to sleep, so Namdita held him in her arms. Amit was wrapped in a brown swaddle that matched his mama's dress. This snap captures the eternal love between a child and a mother. It is so warm and loving that you will keep staring at it.

The newborn photoshoot went as we had planned, and we were elated. We hope Amit and Adrija will love this album and cherish the sweet memories associated with it. 

This photoshoot was full of fun and joy, and we captured a playful moment with little Amit at the center, surrounded by the loving arms of his parents and sister. With a faint smile on his lips, he basked in the attention and affection, creating a beautiful memory that will be cherished for years to come.
Mother and Son, Wrapped in Love: As it was time for little Amit to sleep, his loving mama Namdita held him close in her arms. Wrapped in a cozy brown swaddle that matched her dress, this photo captured the intimate and tender moments between a mother and son.


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