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Family photoshoot with the Devasya

We were super excited as little Ojas was about to visit our Glasgow studio. We had a talk with his parents over the phone and were eager to meet him. We already knew many things about this little munchkin and got impatient to meet him in person. Finally, the day arrived for their family photoshoot. We were prepared with our props and ideas.

Newborn photography – the challenges

What makes newborn photoshoots difficult is the mood of the kids. Since they are unpredictable, it becomes very tough for us to execute our plans. So, with years of experience working with newborns, we have devised a strategy to remain open to every situation. We decide on the theme and the props to use but leave the rest on the kids.

We were lucky with our little friend Ojas as he was in a great mood, and our photoshoot went as planned.

Ojas Ram belongs to the Devasya family. His parents wanted to immortalize his childhood by doing a photoshoot with us. His parents already had thought of some ideas, and we worked on them to create dreamy shots with the infant. So, here we are with Ojas Ram and his cute newborn snaps.

We found Ojas very friendly and peaceful. As we welcomed him into our studio, he gifted us a smile that made us fall in love with him. The shoot began without any glitch. Ojas cooperated with us, and we completed the photoshoot the way we wanted.

Newborn photoshoot with adorable Ojas Ram

The first shot was conventional, with Ojas lying on a wooden cot with a fluffy blanket. We got a powder-blue swaddle for him. To create a layering effect, we put the cot on a grey blanket. A few green leaves near his head completed the composition. What made the photo stand out was Ojas's look. Just before we clicked the camera, he looked straight, as if checking whether we were doing everything right. We laughed when we saw the snap and loved him more for giving such a unique expression.

For the next shot, we choose a farmhouse setting. With Ojas wrapped in a sack-like swaddle, we put him in an iron pot. He looked so cute with his fist peeping out. Again, he was wide awake, enjoying the attention we showered on him. Maybe he approved of our idea? That's how we interpreted his smile.

Children are god's gifts to us, and his abode is in the sky. That's how most folklores go, maybe because god and space are equally mysterious. As Ojas fell asleep in his mom's lap, we dressed him in a dark blue swaddle. The attire looked chic and vibrant, with big white stars hanging from his hat. We got a moon-shaped pillow in yellow for him to add more colours to the shot.

We chose to create the vision of the sky with a blue backdrop. Ojas was peacefully sleeping when we took this photo. We wondered whether he was dreaming of stars and moon too.

It was time to introduce his parents to our family photo shoot. Ojas's mom has gorgeous long hair that we have highlighted in her photos. We kept her outfit and makeup minimum to keep everything simple. When she was putting Ojas to sleep, we took another snap. Her smile reveals how she adores her kiddo.

The last shot was dedicated to the men of the family. Ojas was awake when we captured this snap. Dressed formally, he enjoyed the spotlight.

Our family photoshoot with the Devasya family came to an end. We loved to meet this happy family. We wish them good luck, and Ojas will always remain our favourite.

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