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Generation Photography of Henry, his father, and grandfather – coming together of three generations to celebrate their family tie

Three generations in one frame! It sounds incredible, but we did that. We feel blessed to capture the beautiful moments of togetherness of baby Henry with his father and grandfather in our studio. We are excited about this unique family photography session and want to share it with you.

What makes family photography so unique? 

Every family has a special bond that makes it unique. Sometimes, it is quite evident when you see the family members together, but most often, this tie runs like a hidden string that binds them together. When we do family photography, we try to depict this bond so that the family members can appreciate each other more.

Family photography of Henry 

We created the family album of Henry along with his grandpa and papa – three generations of male members of this family. They wore coordinated dresses- white shirts and matching trousers, which added elegance to the shots. We didn't use any props as we wanted to focus on the three gentlemen and the emotions they exuded.

Must you be getting impatient to meet baby Henry? Here he is – the sweetie pie everyone wants to cuddle. He looked handsome in his blue shirt and a pair of blue jeans. Look how he is lying on his grandpa's shoulder, completely unaware of the environment around him. This is why children are so special. They live in the moment and are peaceful with whatever they have got.

Grandpa is all love, looking at his grandson. He seems to be lost in those blue eyes. That's how grandpas feel when they hold their grandsons.

 Henry's father waited for his turn to be captured in our lens. He was in a playful mood and made Henry sit on his shoulders. The little munchkin enjoyed the view from above and started observing us.

There is more for you. Henry's father insisted we take a shot of them from behind and we realized why when they turned around. Check yourself, and we know, you must be smiling to yourself. He has a good sense of humour, right? The big man and the little man! We love this snap. When Henry grows up, he will look at his photo fondly and realize how much his papa celebrated his relationship with him.

Here come the three generations together in this generation photography - Henry clinging to his papa and grandpa embracing them from behind. Can you see the love and care in the big man's eyes? How is he trying to protect his family? This is what we love about family photography.

Here's another photo celebrating their immortal love. Three men together, with a past full of lovely memories and a future ahead to create more. Henry looks happy to be wrapped in love and getting so much attention.

Grandpa wanted another shot with his grandson. His face lit up with joy when we took this photo of him holding Henry.

A casual photo with the big men smiling and Henry tucked in between – a shot that will adorn their hall and tell everyone how happy they are together. Most generation albums have snapped like this, and yet they look so warm and timeless.

Henry's father wanted a solo shot with Henry but one that focuses on their faces. Look at Henry's eyes, warm, loving, and full of wonder. Naturally, his father couldn't take his eyes off.

We feel lucky to know this fantastic family and the love they share. We hope as Henry grows up, he will know how much his grandpa dots on him. We are sure in the coming years they will create happier memories.


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