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Celebrating motherhood with maternity Photoshoot of Ka Kei Kenny

We have been doing this for years, but we still feel excited whenever we get a new assignment. That's the appeal of a maternity photoshoot. So, when Ka Kei Kenny called us for a booking, we were thrilled and immediately started planning for the shoot.

Pregnancy photoshoot of Ka Kei Kenny

When Ka Kei called us, she had many questions and doubts in her mind about pregnancy photoshoots. We answered all her queries and assured her that her safety and comfort will always be our top priority. We explained to her how we conduct the sessions without causing any stress to the would-be-moms. We use props and lighting equipment that are safe for everyone. Ka Kei revealed that she had planned a simple and candid photoshoot that would focus on her feelings and physical changes. So, with minimal lighting and props, we did an emotional photo session with Ka Kei.

Please take a look at her shots and let us know whether you like them.

Maternity is about how a woman feels about her unborn child. It's about what she experiences with her body. Through our pregnancy photos, we try to capture apprehensions and joys of motherhood.

In the first photo of her maternity album, we have focused on her expressions. In a white maternity gown, she looked very elegant. To create a contrast, we have shot the snap against a blue door. As she embraced her bump lovingly, we took this candid photo. With her eyes on the bump and a smile on her lips, you can feel her happiness. She has already started weaving a world around her child, and through this image, we have wanted to convey that.

We decided to capture her full profile, and so composed the second photo while she remained seated. The cloudy backdrop highlighted her white attire. She is still holding her bump, but playfully. Yes, a mother is born along with the birth of her child, and every woman lives her childhood through her kids.

A complete makeover and change of the theme – the third photo from this album is surely going to surprise you. Ka Kei was very relaxed and happy with the photoshoot. We planned to try something different and chose a pregnancy maxi dress. The rich texture of the skirt in the golden-brown hue gave the gown a regal look. Needless to say, Ka Kei looked ethereal in it.

We used props made of natural elements like a jute rug, two potted plants, and a wall décor in coir to create a warm setting. With Ka Kei at the centre, sitting comfortably while caressing her bump, this is the photo we are proud to show you.

Look at the glow on the would-be-mom's face, her gentle hands holding her bump, and anybody would fall in love with this pic.

The fourth and the last one is again in the white maternity dress but taken against a bright white background. The white curtains are creating a ripple effect, and Ka Kei is blushing beautifully. In this shot, she looks straight at the camera showing off her baby bump. Can you feel the bond between the mother and child in this photo? We did and were elated to be a part of this eternal journey.

The beauty of maternity photoshoots lies in their simplicity. We don't need fancy props or sets to create memorable shots. Instead, the excitement of pregnancy, the love of the mom, and her joy make these photos naturally stunning.

We are happy to create this lovely pregnancy photoshoot for Ka Kei. We wish her blessed motherhood and hope her world is eternally filled with laughter and joy. 


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