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Maternity photoshoot of Stacey – creating memories in our studio

You are going through the most exciting period of your life. You are pregnant, and there are no words to express how happy and thrilled you are. With every passing day, your body is changing, you can feel your baby growing inside, and you are so eager to hold the little one in your lap. How are you celebrating your motherhood? Don't you want to chronicle this fantastic journey? Maternity photography Glasgow can help you to immortalize these moments so that you can relive them later on.


Maternity photoshoot of Stacey

Stacey called up to book a session with us. It was evident from her voice that she was quite excited about the photoshoot although she had a lot of doubts. We gently clarified how we handle these photo sessions keeping in mind the wellbeing of the mom-to-be. We also discussed the tone of the maternity album and how she would like to be captured through our lens.

On the day of the photoshoot, Stacey arrived with her partner. We were happy to have them in our Glasgow studio and started the photoshoot. Stacey loves white, and so we decided to make it the focal colour of the maternity session.

As you can see in the first photo, she wore a simple off-shoulder white maternity gown. The would-be-papa matched it up with white trousers and shirt with suspenders. Of course, all-white would make the shots look dull and so, Stacey wore a floral headband. The vibrant flowers in red, yellow, and white brought life to the snap. As the couple locked their eyes in a loving gaze, we took the first shot of the maternity session.

 The magic of black and white

Like every photographer, we love black and white photos. The contrasting colours add depth to the snaps that make them look classic. You can look at a black-and-white image for hours appreciating the play of light and shadow. When we discussed the maternity photo session ideas with Stacey, she revealed that she wanted her maternity photos to look unique and dramatic. We thought of trying something new and hit upon the idea of doing it in black and white.

So, here we go, look at Stacey, glowing brightly in this black and white snap. You can feel her happiness, content, and her pride in becoming a mother.

We wanted to make it a couple's journey too, from being a romantic twosome to transforming into responsible parents and hence, the next shot shows them protecting their unborn baby in a loving gesture.

I love this snap because of its simple yet meaningful look. So subtly it articulates the happiness and love parents feel for their child.

The last shot of the session has Stacey alone, lost in her thoughts. When we discovered her in a pondering mood, we decided to take a candid photo to capture that moment.

Her belly prominent in this snap declares her motherhood and her feelings and anticipation proudly. Was Stacey thinking of her baby, how she will shower it with love, or there was something else in her mind? We will never know. Like us, onlookers will also wonder when they look at this photo while Stacey will smile at her secret.

Nothing is more important to a mother than her baby's wellbeing, and people say that being a mom is the most extraordinary thing that can happen to a woman. We are sure that Stacey enjoyed her maternity photoshoot as much as we did.

As a photographer, we take pride in capturing moments that are most important to people. We freeze them so that you can go through them whenever you miss them and enjoy the same feelings. Long after her baby grows up, Stacey and her partner will look at these photos and remember their journey lovingly as parents. We are happy that we have been a part of it too.


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