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Newborn photo shoot with Alora

Baby Alora was coming to our studio for a newborn photoshoot. This news was enough to excite us. We had already spoken to her parents, Linta and Dipin. They both were super excited about the idea. We talked at length and decided to do a dreamy, fairy tale, and dramatic photo session with Alora. Let's show you her photo album.  

Newborn photoshoot with baby Alora

Little Alora is adorable. Most of the time she remains calm and observes her surrounding closely. Her face portrays a variety of emotions which we wanted to capture in her photos. As decided, we planned an elaborate photoshoot for her, complete with props and vibrant background.

For her first photo, we chose a lavender swaddle. We contrasted it with a pink towel and lots of purple, magenta, and blue coloured flowers. We wrapped Alora in the swaddle, made a comfortable seating arrangement in a basket, and placed the basket on the wooden floor. This created a layered look that was unique and intriguing. By the time we were ready, Alora was fast asleep. Her angelic face added a different dimension to this shot.

Time for the second shot. Can any fairy tale become complete without the moon and stars? So here we are, with our little fairy wrapped in a maroon swaddle and sleeping peacefully against a yellow crescent of the moon. There is also a star to make the dream look complete. With her tiny fist peeping out and the faint smile on her face, this snap is cuteness overloaded. 

Alora with her parents

How do parents feel when they look at their children? I think it is not possible to express this in words. I have done many newborn photoshoot assignments in Glasgow; each time I get the parents and their kids in the same frame, I am overwhelmed by their emotions. I believe nothing is more divine than holding your baby and caressing it. I witnessed the same thing with  Alora and her parents, Linta and Dipin.

After taking a couple of shots of Alora, we asked her parents to join us. Both Linta and Dipin were in casuals. Linta wore a simple top with floral prints. So, we matched her outfit with her mom's and chose a floral printed swaddle in white and purple for her.

Taken against a white background, this shot is simple yet profound. It will touch your heart, and the look on their faces will remain with you for a long time.

Linta and Dipin held Alora in their arms and stood together as a close-knit, loving family. Alora did not witness this scene, although we are sure when she grows up and sees this photo, she will understand how precious she was to her parents. 

Alora in a trolley

Alora didn't give us any trouble in shooting her album. For the last photo, we arranged a wooden trolley. We decorated it with flowers and a fluffy pink blanket. The big purple bow headgear on her head added to her grace. The simple wooden floor and wall made all the colours come out alive. A simple but cutesy shot that her parents can frame and keep in their living room for a warm effect.

The newborn photoshoot with Alora got over without any hassle. We were happy to have a new friend. Her parents were nice and friendly too. We hope to get the family back for another photo session when Alora grows up. We will have more fun then. Till then let's wish them all the love and happiness in this world. 


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