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Newborn photoshoot of Micah

You need to take one look at his cute face, and you will fall in love with him. Yes, Micah is a cutie pie who will steal your heart with his sleepy eyes and baby pink lips. We were so excited about this newborn photoshoot Glasgow. I know I am getting carried away, so let's give you a quick introduction about Micah and his parents, and then we will describe how we shot his snaps.

Our young friend Micah

We recently shot a photo session with Micah, a munchkin who won our admiration with his chubby cheeks and innocent eyes. His mom, Bonnie, was apprehensive about the photo session. She had a lot of queries about how we will handle little Micah. We showed her our Glasgow studio and the way we conduct the newborn photoshoots. She was pleased to know that kids' safety and comfort are our top priorities. Micah's father, Adam, was cool about the photoshoot. They decided to try different poses and props for Micah. We shared our ideas, and the shoot began smoothly.


Newborn photoshoot of Micah

 We began the session with a family shot. Adam and Bonnie held Micah together. The family bond was the highlight of this snap, and so we kept it in black and white. You can sense the love and care that binds this family from the way they were holding Micah and adoring him.

Little Micah deserves the whole limelight, and hence, we started with his single photos. Since his parents were open to using different themes and props, we chose our favourite for the first shot. Micah slept peacefully, wrapped in a powder-blue comfy wrap on a cot. We picked a blue blanket to make him cosy. The artificial leaves broke the monotony of colours in the snap.

Look at his angelic face, and you will know why parents love to stare at their babies.

More wrap time for Micah! Since Bonnie loves white, we decided to give Micah a bunny makeover. We chose a simple fluffy white blanket to drape him. He was put inside a basket with a bunch of white flowers to make the scene look ethereal. Of course, Micah was asleep and couldn't check his outfit. We hope when he grows up, he will like this attire.

It was time for fun, as our newborn model was quite awake. We decided to try something new. We think he liked the long-knotted tail cotton hat that we selected for him. He lay on his side, inspecting our camera and props. Somehow, he gave an adult-like expression when we took this shot. We were so amused when we saw the outcome.

For the last photo of the newborn photoshoot Glasgow, we decided to go back to the basics. People say that a mother is born the day her child takes birth. However, her journey begins much earlier when she conceives and feels the baby growing inside her. Each kick, each movement, each month, brings new excitement for her. She patiently waits to hold her baby.

We often try to emulate the position of the baby in the womb through our photos. This evokes the memory of the growing baby in the womb and fills the heart with love and excitement.

We did the same with Micah and made him lie down in that position. However, what made this photo unique is that Micah was awake and could see his surroundings. I am sure you have noticed the hand that is holding him? It is a work of art with all the intricate tattoos. Sans any other prop or colour, this snap stands out on its own.

The newborn photoshoot in our Glasgow studio went off very well. We were satisfied with the result, and Micah's parents were happy too.


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