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A Lovely Afternoon Spent Photographing the Amazing Patterson Family

Photos are much more than images shot by a camera – they are a reminder of good times and the love and joy shared at that moment. It is these pictures that we fondly look back upon and reminisce in the years to come. They create memories that are to be cherished forever! That is what makes family photoshoots all the more special – it allows us to capture those little moments of love, affection, and happiness. The Patterson family shoot was quite a bit of fun and a fantastic experience at the same time.  


Getting the family comfortable in front of the camera

It is a large family of five, and even though the children are grown up, they are a close-knit bunch for sure! The very minute they stepped into our studio with their dog, we knew it was going to be a great photo session. Although they weren't nervous, we asked them to pose for some candids to relax for the main photos. It is because people sometimes get a bit tense during a professional photoshoot. We didn't want any awkwardness later on as it could lead to unnecessary delays.


Time for some mother-son bonding

Instead of photographing the entire family first, we decided to do it in small groups. We asked the mother to pose with her sons. As you can see, they were more than glad to comply – it is clear that both sons share a warm camaraderie with their mom. It is their beautiful friendship and how at ease they are with each other, which come out magnificently in the pictures.  


The boy gang doesn't disappoint eithers

The sons cleverly picked out their clothes, so they would be in sync and also create a contrast effect with their dad. The colours play nicely into the picture. Both sons had a great time posing with their dad. Their lively banter was a treat to watch – that is what we have portrayed in the photos.

Now the daughter takes charge! 

We could tell that the daughter is equally close to both parents. She is her father's princess, while her mother is her best friend with whom she can share secrets, talk about shopping, or laugh over juicy gossips. You can see from the photos how much they love their "baby girl" – it was just remarkable to capture the depth of such emotions from behind the lens.


Time for some sibling fun

Siblings pull each other's leg, but at the same time, they are the first to rush if one of them is in trouble, and the Patterson siblings are no different. Both brothers love their sister, and even though they were constantly teasing her, the three of them had a gala time clicking the pictures. We took a couple of photos – one with the trio beaming into the camera, while the other is in a slightly casual style with the siblings lounging around as their dog thoughtfully looks into the lens.


And now for the finale!

We always save the best for the last, which in this case, is the complete Patterson family photo. They were pretty excited, and we told them to maintain that very enthusiasm so it can reflect in the pictures. They were elated with the shots and selected a couple of them as the final ones – as you can see, they are all smiles. These are indeed superb pictures as they have forever become a special memory for the family – they will make an incredible keepsake for each family member, regardless of where they are!

Are you looking for a photographer in Glasgow? You have come to the right place – we are experienced in different photography styles, so all you need to do is say what you want and leave the rest to us!


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